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Installing the Cross-compiler from ELDK 4.2


ELDK 4.2 Instructions

  1. Download ppc-2008-04-01_amcc.iso (from or find a mirror at

  2. Mount the ISO image to /mnt/tmp (alternatively: you could burn the ISO image to a CD and then insert the CD):

    mount -o loop,ro ppc-2008-04-01_amcc.iso /mnt/tmp
  3. Install ELDK:

    cd /mnt/tmp
    ./install -d /home/xilinx/eldk-4.2
    # then answer "y" to the question about installing
    # into /home/xilinx/eldk-4.2
  4. To use ELDK, you'll need to setup your environment variables:

    export ARCH=powerpc
    export CROSS_COMPILE=ppc_4xx-
    export PATH=/home/xilinx/eldk-4.2/usr/bin:$PATH
  5. ...and that's about it. Easy!